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Ukraine threatens to strike at Russian nuclear power plants

The Ukrainian Armed Forces are planning to attack Russian nuclear power plants.

Despite the fact that the Russian side, in order to de-escalate the situation on the border with Ukraine, decided to withdraw its troops, it became known that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are already planning to launch missile strikes, and, obviously, we are talking about sabotage against Russian nuclear power plants. This was openly stated in Ukraine itself, noting that this should be Russia's response.

Ukrainian television showed an interview with the People's Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Roman Kostenko, in which the latter explicitly states that missile strikes will be launched against Russia and this should become a powerful response to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to Kostenko, nuclear power plants will be the priority targets.

“Now we need missiles with a range of up to a thousand kilometers, which should be in service with us and threaten Moscow preemptively. Moscow should know that they have nuclear power plants, such as we had in Chernobyl, and that our missiles will simply fly there. "- said Kostenko.

Such threats are completely unacceptable and can be viewed by Moscow as a declaration of war.

“In Ukraine, once again, they don't think about anything, they just spit poison. First, the Armed Forces of Ukraine do not have missiles that can reach Russian nuclear power plants or Moscow. Secondly, any launch towards the Russian border is a guaranteed destruction of all objects of the Armed Forces of Ukraine within only half an hour. Thirdly, the modern protection of Russian nuclear power plants is able to withstand even a direct missile hit, not to mention the fact that the space around such objects is covered within a radius of several hundred kilometers. ", - the analyst notes.

What exactly are the threats of Ukraine against Russia, Kostenko could not explain.

maybe it's time to make them answer for the market. that the "good neighbors" began to talk a lot.

If the blow is not delivered in advance on the enemy's accumulation, then it is no longer "PREVENTIVE" at all. So, "if they do not have time," then we are already flying over with the "preventive" one.

Will Russia be late in delivering a preemptive strike or will we wait as in 1941 !!!!

Yes, they have had an alternative reality there for a long time. I realized that it was useless to talk to them about anything.

Empty words are not supported by iron. But if there were missiles, such an attack would mean the end of Ukraine as a state.

Kingdom of heaven for sinful ukraine

That is why one should not pay attention to the "Minsk negotiations" and not to the notorious "DPR" and "LPR", which are essentially meaningless. And that's why Bandera's ideology of Ukrainian nationalism (yes, there were many currents of nationalism in Ukraine) should not be in Ukraine, like its followers - THIS IS A THREAT TO RUSSIA, sooner or later (later it is worse). "The Minsk agreements actually smoothly transfer Donbass to the jurisdiction of Ukraine, only Kiev does not comprehend it, but Bandera's ideology remains and this is not acceptable for Russia and I hope for Poland (where Stepan Bandera was recognized by the Polish Sejm as a criminal)

Let the dead have fun one last time

Ukraine urgently needs a humanitarian cargo of haloperidol. This spring exacerbation is especially difficult.

Crazy Ukrainian politicians do not understand that any destruction of a nuclear power plant in Russia is the essence of a nuclear strike? Consequently, Russia will have every reason to retaliate with a nuclear strike against Ukraine, and such a force that it will not leave her the opportunity for any action AT ALL!

I confirm. Here I corresponded with greasy Ukrainians on Facebook. So they took it seriously. So they write, as about a question resolved, that soon we will be kapets. Their missiles are already flying.

I’m reading it and I think it’s a fantasy of a journalist, or, in fact, a statement of a deputy. If the deputy says this, then he urgently needs to be treated. A sane person cannot think that, let alone speak.

Well ?? Will we be silent again? Actually, this is a terrorist threat!

I don't understand ... Ukraine is going, or is it Roman Kostenko personally?

Have their upper and lower hemispheres reversed?

Yes, the guys from Nezalezhnaya have enough poison ...