The aircraft airline Aeroflot


Ukraine has added twenty Russian airlines to the "black list"

More than twenty Russian air carriers were under sanctions Ukraine.

According to the Air Resources, impose sanctions on Russian air carriers due to the violation of the regulations on the prohibition of flights in the Crimea, however, given the fact that virtually Crimean peninsula belongs to the territory of the Russian Federation, any requirements of the Ukrainian authorities are not legitimate.

In the "black list" of the Ukrainian authorities were such airlines as "Aeroflot", "Transaero», «S7 Airlines» and other carriers engaged in flights to the Crimea. However, experts have found kazusnuyu situation - in the list of airlines subject to the sanctions and also included non-existent in Russia airlines.

Moreover, currently remains unknown about which sanctions measures in question, as in the case of Ukraine has banned carriers that fly to the country, it is likely to block the Ukrainian airlines and possibility of flights to Russia.


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