Ukraine first strikes with American missiles AGM-114 "Hellfire"

American missiles AGM-114 Hellfire first began to be used in Ukraine.

AGM-114 Hellfire missiles were used for precision strikes against Energodar. This is evidenced by the discovered fragments of American-made missiles. The latter, remarkably, can only be launched by foreign combat helicopters or MQ-1 Predator and MQ-9 Reaper unmanned aerial vehicles, which the US previously wanted to transfer to Ukraine.

Officially, the supply of AGM-114 Hellfire missiles was not reported, however, the discovered fragments of these missiles indicate that the latter were actively used to shell the territory of Energodar and, more likely, the territory of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant. Missiles have a short range, but are not designed to strike from the ground, since the target must first be locked.

Remarkable is the fact that we are talking about the basic version of the AGM-114 Hellfire missile, which is no longer used by the US military due to the emergence of modern options.

“During a detailed study of the electronic circuit boards from the missile found at the site of the impact in Energodar, it turned out that this was a missile based on the first generation of American AGM-114 Hellfire missiles, which were discontinued about 30 years ago (in the 92nd year) . It has nothing to do with the promoted Brimstone, although outwardly it has similar features., - reports "Telegram" -channel "Military Informant".

Experts note that if the United States really transferred AGM-114 Hellfire missiles and tactical attack drones to Ukraine, this could create a number of problems in those areas that are not covered by air defense systems.


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