Ukraine has deprived Russia of two warships "Karakurt" in a day

The media reported that Russia lost two Karakurt-class warships.

The Russian fleet lost two ships of the Karakurt class at once due to the actions of the Ukrainian military. Thus, according to the Russian information publication "Reporter", the Ukrainian military, in just one day, achieved a complete ban on the supply of power plants to Russia for ships of this class, as a result of which Russia was forced to go for import substitution, which ultimately resulted in a refusal to build two small rocket ships.

“RTOs of this series are essentially an improved version of the Buyans with increased seaworthiness and navigation autonomy. Rather, they can be attributed already to small corvettes. The armament is made up of the same "Onyxes", "Caliber" and "Zircon". The series will include 18 "Karakurt". Despite their modest size, RTOs will be able to perform a number of important tasks to ensure the defense capability of our country. However, the intention to replace frigates with them, whose displacement is 4,5 times greater, does not say anything good about the state of domestic shipbuilding. Unfortunately, problems appeared in the production of RTOs. So, the contract signed in 2018 for the production of two small rocket ships with Vostochnaya Verf JSC was never fulfilled, therefore it was terminated by the military. The heir to the Vladivostok shipyard # 602 has lost half of his orders, and the employees are forced to take a shorter working week ", - about it сообщает Edition "Reporter".

Additional re-equipment of the Russian fleet could significantly enhance the defense capability of the borders, however, experts draw attention to the fact that this loss is not critical, since today the Russian Navy is actively equipped with new ships and submarines, not to mention the beginning of the transition of the fleet to hypersonic cruise missiles "Zircon", the capabilities of which even in the United States are already called as threatening the country's security.

Himself a witness to the exit of Moscow and several smaller ships. We returned a week later. Then I saw the teachings of the staff.

What a wild fantasy. MRK Karakurt 22800 "Karakurt" was created by the Central Marine Design Bureau "Almaz" (St. Petersburg) laid down 18 units at shipyards The laying of the first two "Karakurt" took place at the end of December 2015. The order for their construction was received by the Leningrad shipyard Pella. In total, it is planned to build 7 ships of a new type at this enterprise, and 3 units will come off the slipway of the More plant in Feodosia, which was transferred under the control of Pella. Another five ships should be handed over to the Zelenodolsk Shipyard. Gorky; he started work on his orders in 2016. Also, an order for six ships was transferred to the Amur Shipyard. When laying down the first ships, it was clear that Ukraine would not fulfill its obligations on the supply of power plants and it was decided to transfer the contract to the St. Petersburg manufacturer of diesel-electric power plants PJSC "Zvezda". Engines manufactured in the amount of 57 pcs. There was no sensation. Zrada failed.

"life hangs on a thread, but thinks about profit"

On the morning of September 7, the Moskva GRKR went to sea again. At sea ranges in the Black Sea, the ship went at different speeds, was tested for survivability, and its mechanisms were checked.

fat was dropped!

What is this nonsense? The "Karakurt" always had a diesel engine, which they make on "Zvezda". They had a story with a delay of one RTO, so its descent was postponed to finish the others. The 3rd ship of the series is already being prepared for transfer to naval tests.

And the cruiser "Moskva" only recently set off on a campaign to Syria. In short, here in the post what hallucinations are written.

"A holy place is never empty" Nikolay - yes, this place is empty for more than 5 years, your rush has not received ship gas turbine engines from Ukrainian Nikolaev, and she herself cannot develop and produce them, although at the beginning of 2015 NPO Saturn was given a task and a lot money until 2018 to "replace" them with Russian gas turbine engines. Of course, they ate money quickly, they reported, but there is still no gas turbine engine: because of this, a significant part of the navy rush program was reduced not only for small Karakurt, but also for powerful frigates, including frigates for export to India. The cruiser "Moskva" has been standing in Sevastopol for 5 years - Ukrainian gas turbine engines barked, and without a power plant, all of your missiles are reset to zero, like the "Armata" tank that stalled on Red CEMETERY-Square ...

A holy place is never empty. Therefore, it was not Ukraine that deprived Russia, but deprived itself of the possibility of a successful business agreement.

Yes, of course in Russia they do not know how to make engines for ships, it is too difficult. It was necessary to order them from the Yumbo-Mumbo tribe, we cannot afford it. I wonder if Stalin would have passed such things with impunity? But, if you go deeper, then it is easier to negotiate about kickbacks in the square than anywhere else, that's the whole reason in my opinion.