Ukrainian missiles


Ukraine announced that it will bomb Belarus, Crimea and Russia with everything it has

In Ukraine, Russia and Belarus were threatened "to beat with terrible force everything that is."

The Ukrainian side stated that in the event that Russia imposed hostilities, regardless of which direction they would come from, including directly from the territory of Russia, the Crimean peninsula (the Ukrainian side does not recognize Crimea as part of Russia) or from neighboring Belarus , all of the above directions will be subject to retaliatory strikes. This was stated by the adviser to the head of the office of the President of Ukraine Oleksiy Arestovich.

As follows from the data presented by Arestovich, today Ukraine is ready for hostilities in almost any direction and has enough weapons to successfully suppress the enemy in the event of military clashes. Arestovich's statement is obviously related to the preparations for the large-scale military exercises "West-2021".

“We understand very well that if they (the Russian Federation) impose (military operations) in any way: from the territory of Belarus, from the Crimea, along the entire perimeter, then we will beat them with terrible force with all that is. And we have a lot and a lot will come soon, judging by the results of our visit to America. The Kremlin knows it just as well ”- said Alexey Arestovich.

Such threats from Ukraine can only lead to increased tensions in the region, not to mention the fact that in addition to Russia, Belarus can also perceive such threats as imposing aggression.

Russia did not attack Crimea, Donbass, Abkhazia, Transnistria. Carefully study recent history. Peacekeeping missions, with weapons in hand, yes. But who started the fratricidal war, who sent punishers to punish their own people? This was the case both in Transnistria and in the east of Ukraine, but in Crimea this was not allowed!

I see that this speaker's roof is going, he gives birth to news every day ...

they think that Russia will be silent at a time when they will beat out of everything they have, but they do not think that a response will arrive, or they think that there will be a game with only one goal, storytellers.

I regret all the time that Donetsk does not carry out attacks on Kiev. Our Berlin was bombed in 41.

If they are so brave, why didn't they even try to take Crimea by force for 7 years? They are just talkers not worthy of attention.

Russia has already attacked Crimea, Donbas, Abkhazia, Transnistria Where is Russia there is a war !!!

Pies and pancakes and mushrooms ...

If Russia did not annex Crimea, Ukraine would give it to the United States for nothing

No, they don't understand. Irresponsibility is the basis of life in Ukraine. From the very last Zhytomyr homeless person to the country's president.

Well, of course you can and get worn out without consequence. "All that is", because there is nothing, it's like threatening a nuclear bombing with only a fig in your pocket

What they say Yes, the mind is not distant. In fact, they threaten two countries. The brains were liquefied. Or a full clinic at the entire president's office. War is not a computer game. War is grief and devastation. Only on our land. Why do you want to fight so much ??? Go play tanks on the internet.

Do their leaders generally understand that they need to be responsible for the words? And these are just to blurt out.

And how will they challenge Russia to aggression? Will they improve their economy, or will they be able to produce their own rockets? Russia has nothing to attack.

Slingshot potato bombing?

Well, the earth is glass wool!

what is? that is, still the Soviet already rusty weapons? they know that the sledgehammer has hoisted over the fly, so they invigorate themselves with this nonsense.

NO! Russia will put up a great warrior (I hope he served in the army?) "Viking"!

Arestovich is spinning emery.

Anything. Slingshots, spit, squeal and eventually deflate.

no big deal, Russia will expose the great warrior Shoigu.

Ukraine today duplicates the policy of Poland before the partitions ..

Chernobyl seemed a little to them.

The warriors screeched these forelocked griefs from the cauldrons arranged by the miners; in Russia they decided to beat them with anything. Only here, which daddy, they do not have. Who will give them to beat

Well, normal people? What kind of bazaars?

A worthy patient of "Kanatchikova dacha" :)

Puppet looks like it wants to joyfully become Vmerlovka ...



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