The collapse of military aircraft


The Ukrainians beat penalty cynical Russian pilot of Su-24

Residents of Kiev during the New Year's party to mock the death of a pilot shot down a Russian bomber Su-24.

As Received Portal reports, during the New Year's party, the citizens of Ukraine staged a show staged executions of Russian pilot Oleg Peshkov, who was assassinated by radical Islamists while trying to bailout of the downed fighter planes.

Cynicism submitted by Ukrainian citizens crossed all permissible limits, and moreover, staged execution was staged in such a way that a man dressed in Ukrainian embroidery, cutting the throat imitated the music videos generally sounding in executions of militants of the terrorist group "Islamic State".

According to experts, such actions greatly exacerbate relations between Russia and Ukraine.

Once again, convinced that the Ukrainians - artificially created (Austria-Hungary) Nationality specially nurtured hatred for Russia and Russian. Ukrainian is not a nationality - a diagnosis!

And truth be told one of Polish politicians in the program "Right to Vote" with R.Babayanom they (Ukrainians) so we (Russian) hate that we are ready to collect and apples, and we (Poles) to wash his feet. Beasts. Lord all witnesses. Here it is useless to even comment. This diagnosis.