Ukrainians treated the Russian military with poisoned food

Ukrainians mixed poison into food for the Russian military.

The Russian military, taking part in a special military operation, spoke about the sabotage arranged by Ukrainian citizens. As it turned out, local residents tried to poison the Russian servicemen with food, adding a significant amount of unidentified poison to it, which could well lead to a tragic outcome for the servicemen.

“An unpleasant surprise was the attitude of the Ukrainian population. Before entering, the Russian military was promised that it would meet them with flowers. “It turned out that some Ukrainian grandmother, who was born and raised in the Soviet Union, poisoned our guys with pies with rat poison sprinkled there. To death. Everyone knew 100 percent: do not take treats from the locals, as a last resort, let the person try it himself first, ”says Galsan”- reports the publication "Moscow Komsomolets."

Previously, several possible cases of attempts to poison Russian military personnel have already been reported, however, the current information that such a treat ended in death has appeared for the first time.

Experts note that such an attitude on the part of Ukrainian residents to Russian military personnel can seriously complicate the integration processes in the territories already annexed to Russia.


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