Ukraine NATO


Ukraine denied admission to NATO

Ukraine was banned from joining NATO.

Despite the fact that the Ukrainian authorities made harsh statements about the country's imminent accession to the North Atlantic Alliance, it became known that Ukraine answered the question of admission to NATO with a categorical refusal, which seriously undermines the authority of this country on the world stage, and, obviously, can be a serious problem for Kiev.

At the moment, it is known that Hungary categorically refused to accept Ukraine into NATO.

“The Hungarian Foreign Minister said that his country will block the Euro-Atlantic aspirations of Ukraine until Kiev restores the right of the Hungarian minority to receive education in their native language. In addition, before that, Budapest called on Moscow to join forces and begin to jointly defend the rights of national minorities from the arbitrariness of Kiev. ”, - informs the information publication "Topcor».

Moreover, according to journalists, Hungary is categorically against Ukraine’s admission to the EU, which, in turn, is supported by other countries of the European Union.

The Ukrainian side has not yet commented on the statement of the head of the foreign ministry of Hungary, however, obviously, this puts a fat cross on Ukraine’s entry into NATO in the coming years.