The Ukrainian army began to retreat from Maryinka

Satellites record the retreat of Ukrainian troops from Marinka.

After the Russian army began to storm Maryinka, unusual activity of the Armed Forces of Ukraine began to be recorded on the territory of this settlement. Initially, it was assumed that we could talk about regrouping, however, satellite images indicate that the Ukrainian army still began to retreat from Maryinka.

At the moment, an active movement of military equipment is being recorded, and although most of the Ukrainian troops still retain their presence in Marinka, with the beginning of the assault on the city by Russian troops, we are definitely talking about the retreat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Experts attribute the retreat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to the fact that the Ukrainian army, due to a lack of weapons, is not able to fight in urban conditions and, probably, the withdrawal of troops is due to attempts to preserve equipment and personnel.

Today, a significant part of Marinka is under the control of the Russian military, however, fighting in the city is still ongoing, which is caused by a smooth retreat due to the risk of serious losses and problems with securing on the next line of defense.


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