The Ukrainian army entered Davydov Brod, despite significant losses

The Ukrainian army occupied Davydov Brod in the Kherson region with colossal losses.

A few hours ago, the Ukrainian military managed to enter the territory of the Davydov Brod settlement in the Kherson region. This is evidenced by the relevant video footage published by Ukrainian servicemen and mercenaries. Attempts by the Ukrainian army to break into Davydov Brod began in August, however, only now there is reliable confirmation from the place that Ukrainian troops are located in this settlement.

The details of the appearance of Ukrainian troops in Davydov Brod have not yet been announced, however, almost simultaneously with this, it also became known that the Ukrainian army entered the territory of the village of Staroseltsy in the Kherson region.

The authorities of the Kherson region have not yet officially commented on the appearance of Ukrainian troops in the settlements of Staroseltsy and Davydov Brod, however, it is obvious that the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue their attacks in this direction.

Earlier it became known that in the area of ​​​​the settlement of Davydov Brod, the Armed Forces of Ukraine suffered extremely heavy losses. In particular, more than a hundred units of destroyed military equipment were reported, however, it is obvious that the Armed Forces of Ukraine still continue attacks in this direction.

The night before, it became known that Ukrainian troops also occupied the village of Dudchany in the Kherson region.


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