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Ukrainian airline "UIA" canceled 8 flights without explaining the reasons

Airline "Ukraine International Airlines»Canceled 8 flights without warning passengers and explaining the reasons.

We are talking about flights to New York and a number of cities in Italy, France, Russia and Germany, while the passengers, angry with this behavior, told the news agency that the management of Ukraine International Airlines refused, be that as it may comment on the current situation, noting that if flights take place, then no earlier than 24 hours later. Kiev airport was also unable to provide convincing arguments regarding the cancellation of flights - some representatives argue that the cancellation is due to bad weather at the destination, while other representatives of the airport report that this is due to the direct decision of the UIA itself, which in turn gives rise to contradictory data.

Among other things, the leadership of the Ukrainian airline, given the information provided by passengers, refused to return money for air tickets, and did not provide passengers with food or a place for temporary stay.


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