Ukrainian military equipment entered the territory controlled by the DPR

Ukrainian military equipment entered the territory of the DPR.

At least 27 units of Ukrainian armored vehicles, including tanks and infantry fighting vehicles, violated the border of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic and entered the territory controlled by Donbass. According to the information provided, at the moment, Ukrainian armored equipment and artillery means are deployed in combat positions, and although the Ukrainian Armed Forces have not tried to use weapons for the attack to date, it is obvious that the equipment already transferred to the territory of the DPR can be used to cover the main forces.

According to Ukrainian sources, the DPR forces cannot attack the Ukrainian forces, since the latter are located in close proximity to residential buildings and there is a risk of death of civilians.

“A serviceman of the republic clarified that the identified 27 units of military equipment and weapons were deployed“ near residential buildings and municipal facilities in the territory controlled by Ukraine ”. In residential areas of settlements occupied by Kiev, an armored personnel carrier, 120-mm towed artillery "Nona-K" and T-64 tanks were found. All these movements of enemy equipment are a direct violation of the so-called "indefinite silence regime", which is not respected anyway "- said in the message.

Quite remarkable is the fact that the Armed Forces of Ukraine already outnumber the combined forces of the LPR, however, they do not run the risk of attacking, fearing that Russia may provide assistance to the DPR and LPR, and in this case the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine may turn out to be colossal, since the total number Russian forces and the forces of the LDNR is about 170-180 thousand troops.

They did not come out to Grozny

Here we begin to observe, a fundamental question.

May Russia not attack. It is enough to "grind" it with hailstorms and long-range cannon artillery. It's funny. T 64, 69g release, "Nona-K" 89g release - can you shoot from these barrels at all due to wear? Or how was 100% "consumable" taken out for slaughter for provocation?

We entered, we entered! And, now, will they come out back ?! :-)))