Ukrainian DRG liquidated while trying to advance and capture the Donetsk airport

The Ukrainian military tried to conduct a special operation in the area of ​​the Donetsk airport.

A few hours ago, apparently trying to take advantage of the distraction to the festive events dedicated to the annexation of the Donetsk People's Republic to the Russian Federation, Ukrainian troops attempted to conduct a special operation to attempt to capture the Donetsk airport.

A small group (provided that we are talking about only one group) advanced in the direction of the Donetsk International Airport. However, when the Ukrainian DRG was located in the area of ​​​​the village of Opytnoye, the movement of the Ukrainian military was revealed, and a few minutes later, the drone had already successfully struck at the group. This made it possible to avoid the penetration of the DRG into the outskirts of Donetsk and seize control of the airport.

On the presented video frames, you can see that the group moved quite slowly, trying, in all likelihood, thereby to hide the traces of their movement. However, due to the presence of a thermal imaging camera on the drone, the movement of Ukrainian troops was detected in a timely manner, and as soon as the Armed Forces of Ukraine made a stop, a blow was struck at the Ukrainian military.

Control over the Donetsk airport gives an undeniable advantage, because thanks to the fortified area and terrain features, it is possible to shoot through a huge sector of space.


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