Ukrainian missile almost shot down a British plane

The S-300 air defense system of Ukraine almost shot down a British reconnaissance aircraft.

The incident happened the day before in the afternoon. As it turned out, the British military reconnaissance aircraft Boeing RC-135W was flying in the airspace of Romania, however, at some point it was almost shot down by the Ukrainian air defense system, the range of which was quite enough to reach the British reconnaissance aircraft.

As it became known, a British reconnaissance aircraft flew near the border of Ukraine, probably giving out coordinates to Ukrainian air defense systems to destroy cruise missiles. However, for unknown reasons, the missile launched by the Armed Forces of Ukraine deviated from its target and flew into the airspace of Moldova - judging by the course, it followed exactly in the direction of the flight zone of the British reconnaissance aircraft. Given that the distance to the target was about 140-150 kilometers, the Ukrainian air defense system could well have shot down a British military aircraft, which, for obvious reasons, would have been fatal for Kyiv.

Judging by the scheme of the flight route of the British reconnaissance aircraft, the latter, after the fall of the rocket in the north of Moldova, decided to quickly return to the base. At the same time, taking into account modern electronic warfare equipment, the British side could well be passed off as a cruise missile.


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