A Ukrainian rocket hit a hotel in Kherson where an RT film crew was staying

As a result of the strike, Russian journalists were injured.

The attack of the Ukrainian military was carried out at night with the use of Himars MLRS. Initially, it was assumed that the attacks on Kherson were repelled by air defense, however, judging by the destruction of the hotel, one of the missiles hit the target exactly. Data on the number of strikes inflicted by the current moment is not available.

At the same time, it is known about the death of several people from the next room of the hotel located in Kherson. Their identities have not yet been announced, however, apparently, the strike of the Ukrainian military was targeted. On the video footage, you can see that several people were seriously injured - they were littered with the rubble of the building, however, their condition is assessed as stable.

On video footage published by Russian journalists, you can see that the hotel received very serious damage. As a result of a rocket hitting the hotel, the impact and the subsequent explosion broke through the roof of the building and at least one reinforced concrete ceiling.

The Ukrainian side has not yet made any information about this, however, the number of strikes by the Ukrainian military in the Kherson region has increased significantly. In particular, it is known that Novaya Kakhovka was subjected to massive Himars MLRS attacks at night, however, Russian air defense systems managed to repel some of the attacks.


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