Ukrainian balloons created a threat to the Kaluga region


Ukrainian balloons created a threat to the Kaluga region

In the Kaluga region, the "Carpet" signal was announced, which means a complete stop of air traffic due to the threat from the air. This mode is introduced in cases of the appearance of unidentified flying objects that require immediate response. According to the Baza publication, the reason for the announcement of the signal was the appearance of a weather balloon, which was subsequently successfully shot down by air defense systems.

The incident confirms the growing use of weather balloons equipped with explosive devices by the Ukrainian military as a method of drone attacks on Russian territory. Since the beginning of March, similar cases have been recorded in the Lipetsk and Kaluga regions. These weather balloons are modified balloons that can carry and drop explosive devices at specified coordinates using a GPS tracker.

However, there are a number of questions regarding the actual use of such devices, since it is almost impossible to calculate the exact route of their movement, and given the flight altitude, precise dropping of ammunition is impossible.


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