Ukrainian HIMARS, six times out of six, missed the convoy of the governor of Komi

The column with the governor of Komi came under fire from the Ukrainian Himars MLRS.

According to the governor of Komi, while the military convoy was moving in the area of ​​the settlement. Kremennaya, it was hit six times in a row from the HIMARS system, but none of the missiles could hit a single target, as a result of which the American precision weapons showed completely zero effectiveness.

 “We were driving, we had two huge buses full of uniforms, two jeeps in which we were driving. HIMARS hit our convoy six times, because we are such a well-dressed target.Komi governor said.

The reasons for such a serious failure of American systems remain unknown. However, experts do not exclude that the electronic warfare systems used by the Russian military in the NMD zone could well have affected the accuracy of strikes by American systems, since recently attacks by the Armed Forces of Ukraine using such weapons have become less and less effective.

It is not known exactly when such a case occurred, however, in the latest reports of representatives of the LPR to the JCCC, there are no reports of strikes on the Kremennaya area with six HIMARS missiles.



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