The Ukrainian and American military blocked all approaches from the west and east of Crimea - this is the siege of the peninsula

Crimea is partially under siege by the Ukrainian and American military - it is impossible to get into it from the east and west.

The American and Ukrainian military blocked all approaches to the Crimean peninsula from the western and eastern directions, thereby taking Crimea into a partial siege. According to a number of sources, the airspace here is controlled by American and Ukrainian military aircraft, and Ukrainian warships are located in the waters of the Black and Azov Seas.

At the moment, the situation in the region is very tense, and although there were no official statements from Ukraine on this score, experts believe that Washington and Kiev are working out the seizure of the peninsula.

“Considering that neither the United States nor Ukraine recognizes the transition of Crimea to Russian sovereignty, an intensified blockade of the peninsula is underway. Of course, it is impossible to completely blockade Crimea, but, nevertheless, this is part of the West's policy - to demonstrate the existence of Russia's weaknesses in protecting its own territories ", - the analyst notes.

According to the Telegram-community "Operational Line", we are talking about the main part of the joint exercises of the Air Forces of Ukraine and the United States, while new provocations with the use of American strategic combat aviation are not excluded, in particular, we are talking about the flight of four strategic bombers B -52 and active work of electronic warfare means.

Gentlemen, don't you see that they are just looking out the window, they are afraid even to go out into the yard to their place)

how can you block a great power, like China or the United States ?! the author exaggerates, because any blockade means the beginning of a war.

But probably no war is needed. And then somehow we tried to squeeze everyone with oil. Something didn't work out. And after that, the president sat down in the bunker and, in my opinion, still did not come out from there. What will happen if the war actually starts?

And where are our electronic warfare? Why are they not fully applied? Do we bend again so that the accounts do not block some "gentlemen-comrades"?

Ukrainian military aviation - is this a joke ?!

Well, let them frolic in their sandbox

But I wonder how they "managed" with three scoops, and even with NATO ships to block, for example, from the Eastern direction. What, someone let NATO warships through the Kerch Strait, or what? Maybe the submarines, through the strait 15 meters deep, slipped non-German? Something you are chasing friends ... oh dreams, dreams ...

it seems so to them. let them check the defense of the Crimean air defense. then we'll see.



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