Ukraine fighter


Ukrainian fighters worked out strikes against Russian military bases in Crimea

Ukraine has worked out air strikes on Crimea.

After several unsuccessful attempts by the Armed Forces of Ukraine to bring Turkish attack unmanned aerial vehicles to the Russian borders bypassing air defense systems, Kiev decided to change its tactics and practiced air strikes using its fighters against Russian military installations on the peninsula.

According to analysts at the news agency, Ukrainian Air Force fighters could practice air strikes against the deployment areas of Russian tactical groups that were urgently deployed to Crimea to ensure border protection after the Ukrainian army deployed its large military units there.

According to information that appeared on various kinds of information resources, the Ukrainian military aviation was in the air for a very long time, probably, in addition, covering the areas that mined the sides by Ukrainian military units, although at the same time, there are no official comments from Kiev on this matter.

To date, there is very serious tension on the section of the Russian-Ukrainian border in Crimea, in connection with which the Russian side is actively deploying various types of military units to this area, obviously preparing to respond to any provocation from the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

And who will ask the herd ?! Crimea, LPR, DPR themselves decided without demand from Kiev.

No matter what the village idiot would amuse himself, if only he would not touch the weapon.
Demonstrating the "will" of Russia by showing UAVs or old planes is just foolish worthy action.
In reality, the United States has made Ukraine a one-time "tool" ....
It is not clear whether the residents of Kharkov, Kherson, Dnepropetrovsk regions want this ???

This is what the Ukrainians and their patrons need, to drag Russia into the war and make her guilty. Russia will not be the first to start. If you want peace, prepare for war.

And why "the Russian side is actively throwing" !? It is cheaper to "transfer" Iskander to Khreshchatyk and Bankovaya. Throw the fire on the arsenals .. preventively :) There are a lot of options. They choose the dumbest, but expensive one.