Ukrainian pilots will complete training in the United States by the summer of 2024

By the summer of this year, training of the first group of Ukrainian pilots to fly American F-16 fighters is expected to be completed. The training takes place at a base in Arizona, where the 162nd Air National Guard Regiment is located. At the moment, three groups of pilots of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are being trained at this base, at various stages of training, who, according to preliminary data, should complete their training in the period from May to August. However, one of the groups is still learning English and has not yet begun actual training in flying aircraft.

According to Western media reports, including the American publication CNN, American F-16 fighters may enter service with the Ukrainian army as early as June this year. This information was confirmed by the words of the head of the Lithuanian Ministry of Defense, based on data received from European officials at the Munich Security Conference.

At the same time, a representative of the Ukrainian Air Force command, Yuriy Ignat, pointed out the difficulties associated with the maintenance and servicing of Western aircraft of various types on the territory of Ukraine. In this regard, it was decided to focus on obtaining American F-16 fighters. Ignat also noted that the process of adapting Ukrainian infrastructure to use the F-16 is currently underway, including the preparation of reinforced concrete storage facilities capable of protecting aircraft from missile attacks. However, it will take several years to complete major preparations.


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