Ukrainian air defenses near Russian borders were suppressed by unknown powerful electronic warfare systems

Ukrainian air defenses deployed along the Russian borders are completely suppressed by unknown electronic warfare systems.

The recent serious incident in the Kharkiv region of Ukraine, involving the penetration of an unknown attack unmanned aerial vehicle across the Ukrainian border, is due to the fact that an unknown electronic warfare system was able to completely suppress the Ukrainian air defense systems deployed in the region. The latter not only could not shoot down the intruder, but actually did not see it.

According to the data presented, during the inspection it was found that a large number of Ukrainian air defense systems deployed along the Russian border are suppressed by unknown electronic warfare systems, which prevents air defense systems from seeing even large targets.

The Ukrainian side has not yet made any official statements on this score, obviously fearing that this will undermine the reputation of the authorities and demonstrate the uselessness of the national air defense system. Nevertheless, given the fact that the SBU is sounding the alarm about the appearance of an unknown attack drone over Ukrainian territory, it is logical to assume that the situation is critical and the incident is far from the first.

Ukrainian air defense is the strongest in the world! the truth is, even Ukrainians do not believe in this, how can you believe in something that does not exist ...

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Where is the evidence that they were "suppressed"? If this pan was not knocked down, but was fixed, it means that another stupid attempt to undertake "reconnaissance of the Ukrainian air defense by force" at the cost of one "Orion" has once again failed.

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