Radar destroyed


Ukrainian electronic warfare and radar successfully destroyed by air strike fighters in Libya

Ukraine has lost the best radar and electronic warfare equipment in Libya.

The Ukrainian electronic warfare systems and radar systems deployed on the territory of Al-Vatiya airbase were lost as a result of the strike of Mirage-2000 fighters (the latter were mistaken for MiG-29 - approx. Ed.) UAE Air Force from Egypt. According to Russian sources, we can talk about the Kolchuga-M radio intelligence station, which made it possible to track the position areas of the Pantsir-S1E air defense missile systems, and the P-180U radar (a modernized version of the P-18 radar) that had previously been delivered to Libya at the request of the Turkish side. Both complexes are unique developments and all of them were successfully lost in Libya as a result of just one powerful attack.

“It is noted that as a result of the attack on the air base located 130 km from Tripoli, there were no casualties, but the air defense, radar and electronic warfare systems were damaged. According to the agency, the planes of the United Arab Emirates Air Force, which are based in neighboring Egypt, are behind the attack. At the same time, the Government of National Accord of Libya does not officially comment on this information and what happened. The information that UAE aviation was involved in the attack was spread on social networks by the spokesman for the operation “Volcano of Wrath” of the PNS forces Abdulmalik al-Medeni. According to him, Mirage 2000-9 UAE Air Force planes took off in an attack on the al-Vatiya airbase, taking off from the Egyptian airbase Sidi al-Barani, located 90 km from the border with Libya ", - reports the publication "Reporter".

Among other things, reports that the losses include at least three MIM-23 Hawk anti-aircraft missile systems that could not even be noticed by approaching fighters. The Turkish side has already confirmed the past attack, however, did not comment on the devastating blow.

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