Ukrainian media report powerful explosions in Dnieper

Explosions occurred in the city of Dnepr, located in the southeastern part of Ukraine. The Ukrainian publication "" reported this on its Telegram channel. According to the source, an air raid alert was not declared in the region at the time of the explosions.

Earlier on Saturday, as the UNIAN agency reported, explosions also occurred in Dnepropetrovsk amid an air raid raid. Since the start of large-scale strikes on Ukrainian infrastructure by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation on October 10, 2022, which hit energy, defense industry, military command and communications facilities, an air raid alert has been announced daily in Ukrainian regions.

These attacks began two days after the terrorist attack on the Crimean Bridge, for which, according to Russian authorities, Ukrainian special services were responsible.

According to preliminary information, a railway train with military equipment could have been unloaded in the Dnieper, which may have made it a legitimate target for strikes. At the moment, the details and consequences of the attack in Dnieper are being established.


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