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Ukrainian strike drones spotted west of Crimea

Ukrainian strike drones spotted off the western coast of Crimea.

Ukraine has begun using its Bayraktar TB2 strike and reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicles near the western coast of Crimea. At the moment, it is known that Ukrainian drones fly at an altitude of about 4-5 kilometers at a fairly significant distance from the coast of the peninsula. Over the past week, several such flights have been recorded.

Data on the performance of reconnaissance and patrol flights by Ukrainian attack unmanned aerial vehicles are confirmed not only by the data of the ADS-B Exchange, but also by the data of the Ukrainian media, citing sources in the country's defense department.

According to the information at the disposal of the news agency, flights are operated in the area of ​​Zmeiny Island, Ochkakov, and Tendrovka Bay. At the same time, some of these flights are not recorded by public monitoring resources, since drones fly with transponders turned off, however, it is possible to record drone flights from military airfields.

It should be noted that provocative actions by Ukrainian attack drones off the coast of Crimea have not yet been recorded.