Ukrainian warships


Ukrainian warships tried to intercept ships of the Caspian flotilla

The Ukrainian fleet tried to intercept the ships of the Caspian Flotilla of the Russian Navy in the Black Sea.

A few hours ago, the information and news agency obtained information that the ships of the Ukrainian Navy were sent to the waters of the Black Sea to conduct military exercises with the training of combat operations against the ships of the Navy, transported from the Caspian Sea to the waters of the Black Sea.

It is reported that the exercises of the Ukrainian Navy are of an emergency nature, since the Ukrainian side did not declare about them, but only announced restrictions on pilotage.

According to the Russian media, the emergency exercises of the Ukrainian Navy are connected precisely with the appearance of the warships of the Caspian Flotilla in the Black Sea.

“Ukraine, without any warnings, began training its naval forces. In the ports, in an emergency mode, they announced the restrictions on pilotage. "In the ports of Kherson, Olvia, Chornomorsk, Odessa, Yuzhny, Nikolaev, pilotage is limited due to military exercises," the ports said, "it was reported.

At the moment, there is no information about exactly how many warships are taking part in the Ukrainian military exercises, so far it has not been reported.

Great knowledge!

And what do they swim on? On sahaidachny?

In the photo there is a boat of the river fleet, this is for land. Further, the transition from the Caspian is possible, since mainly in the Caspian there is a fleet with a shallow draft, although there are normal ones, it is not ethical to compare with other fleets and especially ocean ships. Yes, and mostly people argue. those who do not know the geography, history and of course the fleet and what ships are in the fleets and their capabilities. Yes, and the Volga-Don Canal on the draft allows many ships of the Caspian Flotilla to pass through the canal, and there are no problems at all along the Volga and Don.

And that Ukraine has warships? In my opinion, only armored boats and inflatable basins. The fleet is practically non-existent.

To say that "the gut is thin" is to say nothing! A. Here are Putin's words "they will be tortured to swallow dust" in relation to this, well, just !!!

No matter how many of them there are, they will sail in the red. If they come.

The group consisted of eight landing boats, three artillery support boats and support ships.
The group underwent pre-training at the main base in the city of Makhachkala and on April 360 began a raid crossing moving along the Caspian Sea, and then up the Volga river towards the city of Volgograd. Then fifteen ships of the Caspian flotilla covered XNUMX kilometers of the sea surface along the Tsimlyansk Sea and into In the lower reaches of the Don River, they passed along the suburbs of Rostov-on-Don, and already from the Sea of ​​Azov, passing the Kerch Strait and passing under the Crimean bridge, all fifteen ships of the flotilla of the neighboring sea, found themselves in the waters of the Black Sea. The entire passage for ships from the Caspian to the Black Sea was less than ten days, and now the "Caspian Flotilla" will take part in the planned exercises of the Chernomorets sailors. Teachings will be collaborative

What kind of ships can there be if the depth of the Volga-Don canal is 3,5 meters! This is another nonsense of the military. You can only swim there on inflatable mattresses.

probably didn't go to school, or you don't know geography, or maybe something else ,,,,,

You must follow the events! In Azov, they surrounded six ships of the flotilla with three rubber bots, they did not shmoglit. Break through! Now in Chernoy there will be mosquitoes and boots to destroy the entire fleet of Russia!

You even studied at school while dug the Black Sea, out of idleness, we dug the Volga-Don Canal as you have everything running

Why make people laugh? Is there a FLEET in Ukraine ???

You need to learn geography

Now they are rearmed - diapers instead of toilets

Is it boldly about teachings?

Ukraine has a fleet ???? Boats without toilets ?????

Dragged on myself

Did you try to intercept the inflatable boats? )))


What all?! Yes. Both...

No, those are the toilets. It's good that they were found.

along the Volga further along the Volga-Don channel to the Don along the Don into the Sea of ​​Azov and there through the Kerch Strait into the Black Sea. The Volga flows into the Caspian Sea, the Don flows into the Sea of ​​Azov. Learn geography.

from the Caspian to the Volga, then to the Volga-Don Canal and to the Don, along the Don to the Sea of ​​Azov and the Black Sea.

And it seems that reading was not important for you

Yes, even a raft of planks, but then you can yell Russia the aggressor.

Did you study geography well at school ?? The Caspian flotilla passed up the Volga, up to Volgograd, then through the lock, came out into the Don, which flows into the Sea of ​​Azov, and the Sea of ​​Azov is connected with the Black Sea. Like this.

Apparently a "two" was the best mark in your diary.

One cannon 76 mm AU AK-725

And I wonder what ships of Ukraine started such a powerful exercise on the Black Sea, rubber boats donated by the Americans or those unfinished floating craft that were detained by the Russian Navy?

Well, don't be stupid. The Caspian flotilla can enter the Black Sea along the Volga through the Don channel, and into the Baltic Sea along the Volga, the Moscow River and further through the Moscow Canal.

Was there a C grade in geography?

Well, what is Ukraine's fleet? Some samotopes remained .... The only normal ship rusts at the wall of the Nikolaev plant. And what was good about the unfinished business, they have long been sold "on pins and needles" ...

And how the ships of the Russian Navy COULD BE ferried from the Caspian Sea to the waters of the Black Sea? They were driven through the mountains through Georgia or what?

Fleet is not aviation, and a boat is not a fighter

There are no windows in the fleet. And the floor too. There are portholes, scuppers and a deck. And the bridge is called the "conning tower fence". Before composing anything on the naval theme, it is worth a little to enter the course of naval terminology and not make others laugh with "windows" and "floors"

Volga-Don Canal. And further through Azov. The draft of the ships is very small and is suitable for any operational transfer - even to the Baltic, even to the White Sea

And this name, the Volga-Don Canal, doesn't tell you anything?

Through Rostov, under the Crimean bridge to Kerch prospect ...

Is there a problem with geography? Where there used to be a drag, now the Volga-Don Canal. Where does the Volga flow into and where does the Don flow? You need to study at school, that's why it is a school. No offense, please.

The stupidest remark, because it was the Caspian flotilla that was thrown across the Volga-Don canal into the Black Sea

What is the geography? This is Russia. The first Russian ships were built in Voronezh. Well, look at the geography.

And what kind of exhaust, probably the Lithuanian diesel fuel was filled ...

How can you swim from the Caspian Sea to the Black Sea?

And the Caspian flotilla is here despite the fact that several ships of this flotilla have been transferred through the Volga-Don to the Black Sea basin.

Boldly, very boldly! But to no avail. Empty, like everything else.

Caspian, my dear. Caspian.

cit .: I tried to intercept, but changed my mind ...

I don’t understand the author, but what has the Caspian Flotilla to do with it? Maybe all the same Azovskaya. Be careful with geography.

And why did they not get into the frame of a dozen rubber boats sailing in single file behind this "battleship" under the proud Ukrainian flag?

I have never seen such a ship, even when I served in the navy in the eight. He's probably from the future.

I thought he was drowning. Such a fit. And why are there so many antennas, maybe they watch Russian channels on TV, but what kind of hut is in the stern?

In fact, there is nothing unusual or funny here. The deckhouse glazing has a negative slope to reduce exposure to direct sunlight and glare. A similar scheme was implemented, for example, on the Soviet locomotive 2TE116, which was nicknamed "Fantomas" for its appearance.

It seems that this is the RK Kremenchug at the parade on the roadstead of Odessa. He actually drowned then with the filling of the nasal compartments.

Where did you get the idea that the floor surface is at an angle?
The windows on the bridges are made at such an angle to minimize glare.

Interesting - all inflatable combat mattresses floated ???

they will be looking for toilets

Take a closer look at the photo of the boat.
The bridge glazing is not parallel to the sea surface.
This means that the surface of the floor - the deck on the bridge, is also at an angle!
How are they going to fight?
Face the deck?

Not "navy", but "navy". This is how the Galicians, who had never seen the sea, decided to call their ships. Oles Buzina made fun of this. By the way, the anniversary of his murder by the Ukronazis. To the Lord, rest the soul of your servant ...

Does the Ukrainian Navy have ships?

Funny picture ... a flag on the nose to make it easier to direct the laser illumination of the target? ;)

Boats-cutters. Terrible power. Already one BATTLE of boats was at the Crimean bridge.

Ukrainian fleet))))))))))))) anecdote of the day.

So intercepted or not?