The Ukrainian military has completely restored the Martynovka airbase, 130 kilometers from Kherson

The Ukrainian military is using the Martynivka air base to strike at the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions.

Despite the fact that the Russian military put out of action the vast majority of military airfields operating in Ukraine with operational strikes, it became known that the Ukrainian military managed to fully restore the operation of the air base in the Voznesensk region. At the moment, MiG-29 fighters are based here, which may well be carriers of AGM-88 cruise missiles previously transferred by the United States.

The Martynovka air base is located only 130 kilometers from Kherson and approximately 110 kilometers from the front line in the Kherson direction. On the territory of the military airfield, shelters for aircraft have been restored and the infrastructure has been almost completely restored. This is confirmed not only by satellite images, but also by video footage published by the Ukrainian military, which shows the military air base.

How many Ukrainian combat aircraft can be at the Martynivka airbase is unknown, however, judging by the number of restored aircraft shelters, we can talk about at least four fighters and two attack aircraft.

Among other things, there is unofficial information that today there are at least 6 military airfields on the territory of Ukraine that are capable of receiving military aircraft.