Ukrainian military tried to shoot down a fighter from the Stugna ATGM

The Ukrainian military tried to shoot down a fighter from the Stugna ATGM.

The Ukrainian military made an attempt to hit a combat aircraft using the Stugna anti-tank missile system. The type of fighter has not yet been determined, however, the fact that the Armed Forces of Ukraine began to use these anti-tank systems not only against armored vehicles, but also against fighter jets raises a number of questions about the capabilities of Ukrainian systems.

In video footage released by the Ukrainian military, you can see how the latter are desperately trying to capture a combat aircraft in sight, however, for obvious reasons, this was not possible. It is noteworthy that the flight speeds of the Stugna anti-tank missile and the fighter are completely unequal, however, for unknown reasons, the Ukrainian military tried to quickly aim the missile at the combat aircraft.

To date, there are cases when, with the use of anti-tank systems, not only ground targets, but also helicopters were hit, however, not a single case was recorded when these systems were used against combat aircraft, although theoretically, such weapons can be fully used against aircraft, although its efficiency remains extremely low.


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