The Ukrainian military plundered Polish precious MiG-29s taken for repairs because of precious metals and said that it was

Poland lost the MiG-29 fighters being repaired in Ukraine - their blocks were stolen due to precious metals.

The Polish Air Force faced a very serious problem - MiG-29 fighters aimed at repairing Ukraine, which the Polish army couldn’t refuse for obvious reasons, would not be able to return to service due to the fact that the Ukrainian military who were repairing these fighting vehicles , stole components and blocks from military aircraft because of the precious metals there. Moreover, intending to avoid a scandal, the Ukrainian military even announced that military aircraft arrived in this form.

“Today, the Polish MiG-29 aircraft have become hostages of Ukraine. The essence of the matter is that the thefts at the Lviv State Aviation Repair Plant, owned by the Ukroboronprom Group of Companies, were affected by the Polish Air Force, who were repairing their MiG-29 fighters there. Initially, in February, the Lviv plant revealed the theft of more than 20 blocks from one of the MiG-29 aircraft of the Ukrainian Air Force, which arrived for repair and modernization to the MiG-29MU1 version. Later it turned out that the theft of components from military aircraft at a factory in Lviv is of international scale. We are talking about the fact that similar units and units were stolen from other fighters of foreign customers located on the territory of the enterprise, including the MiG-29, which are in service with the Polish Air Force. Law enforcement officers of the Lviv Territorial Administration of the State Bureau of Investigation opened a case about theft of components of these aircraft. It turns out that the investigators added to the case the property that is the property of the foreign customer, namely the Polish MiG-29 ”- сообщает BelVPO resource.

The exact amount of theft in question is unknown, however, experts note that in this case, no other NATO country that has Soviet combat aircraft in service will cooperate with Ukraine - cooperation with Belarus will be the only way out, since countries - NATO members are prohibited from seeking such services from Russia.