Ukrainian military filmed a direct hit on their position

A first-person hit on the position of the Armed Forces of Ukraine caught the camera of a Ukrainian serviceman.

A group of Ukrainian military, using a nomadic mortar, came under direct attack from the Russian military. As it turned out, Russian intelligence officers were able to track down a group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and when the latter had already fired from a mortar and loaded it into a pickup truck, they were hit.

On video footage taken by the Ukrainian military from the first person, you can see the moment of defeat by their precise strike. With the use of what kind of weapons the strike was delivered, it is not known, however, judging by the force of the explosion, an unmanned aerial vehicle took part in the attack.

As a result of the attack on the position of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, at least three Ukrainian servicemen were injured, a pickup truck and a mortar were damaged. However, the fact that the Russian military responded promptly to the fire of Ukrainian mortars and attacked their positions within just a minute indicates that the Russian military personnel keep the situation under control, preventing the sabotage groups of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from approaching the front line at a distance of opening fire.


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