The Ukrainian military killed the Mi-8 helicopter during the exercises. Video

The Ukrainian military during the exercises gouged a helicopter.

Large-scale military exercises conducted by the Ukrainian army showed an extremely low level of preparedness for any opposition to the enemy. As it became known, this was expressed not only by the combat maneuver of the Russian military aircraft over the Ukrainian Navy ship, but also by the loss of the Mi-8 helicopter, which buried itself in the sand and received serious damage.

On the presented video frames you can see the moment of the incident, and, as experts say, the cause of the incident was probably the actions of the crew, who tried to effectively rotate the rotorcraft, but, without calculating either the speed or dimensions of the helicopter, only successfully buried its bow in the sand .

It is known that no one was injured among the crew members aboard the Mi-8 helicopter, however, sources report that the helicopter received damage to the bow and actually thwarted a separate stage of the military exercises.

There are no official comments on this subject from the Ukrainian defense department, however, it should be clarified that a few days earlier in Ukraine the Russian small missile ship R-60 was ridiculed, which was declared in distress due to the characteristics of the power plant.

There is nothing terrible there. Damage is minor. The helicopter flew to the base under its own power.