Ukrainian troops abandoned dozens of tanks and fled Severodonetsk, despite orders from Kyiv

The Ukrainian military left Severodonetsk without permission, despite Kyiv's orders.

Having lost the possibility of further holding Severodonetsk, the Ukrainian military arbitrarily left their positions on the territory of this city and on the western outskirts and fled in an unknown direction. According to preliminary data, the Ukrainian military fled through the Seversky Donets, leaving part of their military equipment on the territory of Severodonetsk due to the impossibility of evacuating the latter.

Information about the flight of the Ukrainian military from Severodonetsk was confirmed, including by Ukrainian journalists, however, information on this subject is presented as a retreat with the aim of regrouping. However, it is quite obvious that in the near future the Armed Forces of Ukraine will not be able to organize a counteroffensive due to the impossibility of transporting military equipment through the Seversky Donets.

“We left Severodonetsk. Tonight, Ukrainian units organizedly left part of the Severodonetsk industrial area. On the sector of the front where I was, the withdrawal took place under fire, but without losses. Leaving bitterly, but this decision is long overdue. We went out. But we will definitely be back.”, - said Ukrainian journalist Yuriy Butusov.

The Russian military and representatives of the LPR have not yet reported that Severodonetsk has been taken under full control, however, experts believe that this will take several hours, since it is more than likely that the city is mined.

It is noteworthy that earlier in Kyiv they announced that Severodonetsk would hold out, however, the Ukrainian military, due to hopelessness, decided to abandon their equipment and run away.