Ukrainian troops are preparing an unprecedented tank offensive

One of the largest counter-offensives of the Ukrainian army could take place in the coming weeks.

According to a number of sources, due to the expansion of the zone controlled by Ukrainian troops in the Kharkiv region, Ukrainian troops are experiencing a serious shortage of military equipment, however, thanks to the supply of Slovenian M-55S tanks, the Ukrainian military may launch an offensive in one of the directions in the coming weeks.

The current attacks on a number of directions can only be diversionary maneuvers in order to force the allied forces to regroup their forces, while the attack will be made in a completely different direction. At the same time, the publication "Politico" also reports on the plans of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to organize a full-scale offensive in one of the directions, however, according to journalists, Kyiv intends to receive Western tanks.

“Ukraine is urgently requesting modern tanks to help its forces achieve quick success in the northeast and gain control of more territory, but the West is slow, according to seven people with knowledge of the matter. Tanks have topped Kyiv's wish list as Ukraine insists on its gains in eastern Donbas amid Russia's regrouping this month. The request took on new urgency this week after Vladimir Putin announced he would partially mobilize an additional 300 troops, a major escalation in the campaign., - reports the publication "Politico".

Given the current situation, analysts believe that Ukrainian troops will attempt a counterattack either in the Kherson direction or in the direction of the Lugansk region.


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