Ukrainian troops received the rarest M-240 artillery mount

The M-240 towed large-caliber installation was seen in service with the Ukrainian military.

This artillery installation, as journalists managed to find out, is deployed on the territory of the Nikolaev region and is used to deliver heavy artillery strikes on the territory of the Kherson region. The presence of this installation in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine was not even supposed, however, apparently, the Ukrainian military has far more than one such installation. Thanks to the caliber of 240 mm, each blow of such an installation is accompanied by critical destruction.

Towed 240 mm. the mortar was developed in the mid-40s of the last century. It is known that over the entire period of production, only a little more than 300 units of this weapon were created, and today only a few weapons of this type can have real combat use.

Despite such destructive capabilities of the towed 240mm mortar, this weapon has a relatively low accuracy, however, judging by everything, weapons are used to cause maximum damage to certain areas and objects.

To date, only Syria and Iraq officially have such weapons.


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