Ukrainian troops attempted to attack Torsk from the flank at night

Ukrainian troops crossed the Zherebets River and tried to hit Torsk from the flank.

In the evening, residents of the village of Kremennaya could hear intense shooting in a westerly direction. Initially, it was assumed that we were talking about ongoing battles for the Liman, however, it turned out that in reality, the Ukrainian troops attempted to force the Stallion River with access to the settlements of Yampolovka and Terny, with the aim of subsequent strike on the settlement of Torsk from the flank.

It is known that the movement of Ukrainian troops was detected in a timely manner and the counterattack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was prevented in a timely manner. However, the fact that the Armed Forces of Ukraine did not stop solely at the assault on Liman raises very serious concerns, although it is more than likely that during the current movement, the Armed Forces of Ukraine intended to cut off the only currently preserved path to Liman.

Despite the fact that a number of sources report that the settlements of Terny and Yampolovka have moved into the so-called. uncontrolled by either side of the "gray zone", at the moment there is no evidence that Ukrainian troops are in these settlements or in their immediate vicinity.


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