Ukrainian troops entered the outskirts of the Liman, but can not gain a foothold

Ukrainian troops managed to enter the city limits of Liman.

Despite serious losses both in manpower and in armored vehicles, the Ukrainian troops managed to enter the city limits of Liman. Judging by the video footage of the Ukrainian military, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are currently located in the north-west of Liman, however, according to sources, the Armed Forces of Ukraine still do not control the city.

In the presented video footage published by the Ukrainian military, you can see how the military personnel hoist the flag at the entrance to the city. How far the Ukrainian military managed to advance is still unknown, however, the current direction is very vulnerable, since it provides control over the northern part of the city and allows, taking into account the ongoing attacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, to cut off a very significant part of Liman.

The day before, it was reported that the city was taken into a semicircle, however, despite numerous attacks on Ukrainian troops, the latter still managed to advance towards the city from the side of the Drobyshevo settlement. At the same time, given that the Armed Forces of Ukraine cannot yet gain a foothold in the city, the situation may change radically in the very next few hours, especially considering the fact that multiple launch rocket systems, cannon artillery and aviation are actively working on the Ukrainian military.



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