Ukrainian troops entered the territory of the village of Yampol in the Donetsk region

Ukrainian troops were able to enter the outskirts of the village of Yampol.

At the moment, several tanks, armored personnel carriers and significant forces of Ukrainian military personnel have been spotted on the territory of the settlement of Yampol. Despite the rather difficult situation, control over the settlement has not been lost - Yampol is located in the so-called. "gray zone", however, the Ukrainian army controls at least the outskirts of the settlement.

The information about the appearance of the Ukrainian military on the territory of the Yampol settlement is also confirmed by the relevant photo and video materials, where you can see Ukrainian military personnel on the streets and on the territory of the Yampol educational complex.

The situation with Yampol is seriously complicated by the fact that from this direction the Ukrainian troops actually take into a dense encirclement the city of Liman, which is of very great importance. At the moment, Liman is under the control of the allied forces, but the situation here remains extremely difficult, since the only road along which the transfer of reserve forces can be carried out is under constant fire from the Armed Forces of Ukraine and is actively mined using German MARS II systems.



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