Ukrainian troops entered the village of Grekovka in the Luhansk region

Ukrainian troops appeared in the Luhansk region for the first time in several months.

At the moment, it is known that Ukrainian servicemen entered the territory of the settlement of Grekovka, located one kilometer from the border of the Kharkiv region. Accurate data on the number of Ukrainian soldiers seen in Grekivka by the current moment is not available, however, apparently, we are talking about a small detachment, as evidenced, among other things, by a photograph from the spot.

It is known that Ukrainian troops were driven out of the territory of the Lugansk region for a long time, however, a few days ago Kyiv announced its intention to advance in this direction. At the same time, it is still unknown whether the Ukrainian troops were able to gain a foothold in the territory of the Grekovka settlement in the Lugansk region or not.

How critical the appearance of the Ukrainian military in the Lugansk region is is still unknown, but today there is a very serious risk that the Armed Forces of Ukraine may try to attack the nearby city of Svatovo, which, according to Russian war correspondents, is preparing for defense in case of an unexpected attack .

To date, there have been no official statements regarding the appearance of the Ukrainian military in the village of Grekovka, and therefore it is not possible to objectively assess the situation.


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