Ukrainian Air Force issued footage from a computer game for the flight of its Su-27 fighters

The Ukrainian military completely undermined the authority of the Ukrainian Air Force, giving footage from a computer game for the flight of its own fighters.

A few days ago, during the first appearance of the American B-52 strategic bombers, the Ukrainian military published a video that delighted the Network with how Ukrainian pilots professionally fly Su-27 fighters, one of which hovered a few meters directly above the American nuclear bomber. Nevertheless, delight very quickly gave way to ridicule - the video turned out to be a fragment from a computer game.

According to experts, there is nothing surprising in the video frames presented by the Ukrainian military, since we are talking about the frames present in the computer game "Lock On", and this is more likely to disgrace the Ukrainian pilots, since the latter could not demonstrate their skills, but published the "linden".

“The shots really deserve respect, however, there is one small detail - they are not American bombers, and not Ukrainian fighters - the video is a fragment from a computer game. Obviously, this is a shame - a shame for any pilot and the air force of any country. It's a shame, comrades Ukrainians ", the source said.

There are no official comments from Ukraine on this score, however, the video continues to be ridiculed to this day, and not only in Ukraine and Russia itself, but virtually all over the world.