Ukraine International Airlines


Ukrainian officials will be given a special fare for air travel

Airline "Ukraine International Airlines"Will give officials a special discount rate.

The new tariff will affect only those officials whose flights are paid from the state budget, however, experts assume that due to the correspondence of the price and service of rendering services on board, the offer from the Ukrainian airline "UIA" will not take advantage of sufficient demand.

The initiator of the proposal for the introduction of a special tariff for Ukrainian officials was the appeal of the governor of the Odessa region, Mikheil Saakashvili to the leadership of the airline directly, which resulted in the elaboration of a set of measures.

Among other things, as it became known to the portal, in the near future, the Ukrainian airline "UIA" can reduce the price of air travel for ordinary citizens flying across the country, whose number has fallen dramatically in the past year due to the incredibly high price of air travel. and the crisis situation in the country as a whole, which is why Ukrainian civil aviation suffers enormous losses, although there are clearly attempts to develop new air routes and to optimize the activities of air carriers.


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