Ukrainian An-26, carrying NATO military, crashed in the Kharkiv region

An-26 military transport aircraft with NATO troops crashed near Chuguev.

A few hours before midnight, the Ukrainian military transport aircraft An-26, which transported the Ukrainian and NATO military (the source reports that there were soldiers on board from Great Britain and the United States - ed.), Crashed, not reaching the airfield less than 2 kilometers - the fate of those on board by the present hour remains unknown.

Sources report that the Ukrainian An-26 transported cadets and several military personnel from NATO who took part in military exercises on the territory of Ukraine, which was officially confirmed. By the current hour, it is reported that there are survivors at the crash site, and, in all likelihood, due to the fact that the crew of the military aircraft tried to make an emergency landing on the ground until the last, which is confirmed by video footage from the scene.

The Ukrainian side has not yet commented on the likely circumstances of the incident, however, according to preliminary data, a technical malfunction was to blame for everything, in particular, there is information that one of the engines of the aircraft has failed.

Representatives of the North Atlantic Alliance did not comment on the information on the NATO officers on board who actually performed the role of instructors in the military exercises.

Well, that's it, again Russia will be to blame ..