Ukrainian drone crashed in New Moscow

Crashed Ukrainian drone found in New Moscow

The wreckage of the drone was found about 100 meters from the railway tracks by one of the local residents. The unknown object was brightly painted in yellow and blue and immediately attracted the attention of the man. Approaching the object, the man found a crashed drone.

In the presented photos you can see the wreckage of the drone. To date, it remains unknown whether the drone carried any kind of charge, however, judging by the body, the drone was made in such a way as to avoid being detected by air defense systems.

In the pictures you can see that the drone is painted in the colors of the Ukrainian flag, and there is an inscription “Glory to Ukraine” on the fuselage of the drone.

There are no official comments on this yet, however, given the lightweight design of the drone, the latter was most likely launched from Russian territory. At the moment, it is known that he fell near the village of Svitino.

Judging by the presence of the camera, the drone was most likely remotely controlled, but other details on this are not yet available.


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