Ukrainian armored car MAZ-5434 "Varta" was destroyed by an accurate shot from a tank

In the Donetsk region, a tank pierced a Ukrainian armored car MAZ-5434 Varta with one shot.

The armored fighting vehicle did not at all live up to the expectations for the protection of military personnel and during the offensive of the allied forces in the Donetsk region received extremely serious damage after the first hit. A tank shell flying at great speed pierced the armor of a Ukrainian armored car through and through, leaving a huge through hole in the side.

Judging by the way the tank shell pierced the combat armored vehicles, even the rather impressive protection of the MAZ-5434 Varta armored car turned out to be extremely weak - the shell flew out from the other side of the armored vehicle. Despite the fact that the damage to the MAZ-5434 Varta armored car may seem non-critical, it should be noted that the damaged combat vehicle is no longer serviceable. At the same time, the Ukrainian military, who were next to the equipment, also died from an exact hit in an armored car.

It should be noted that armored vehicles proved to be quite successful only during the sweep, however, in defense and offensive operations they turned out to be ineffective, just because of the rather weak protection.


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