A Ukrainian armored personnel carrier, escaping a Russian drone, was blown up in its own minefield

In the Zaporozhye direction, during the fighting, an unusual incident occurred involving a Ukrainian BTR-4. Soldiers from one of the regiments of the 76th Guards Air Assault Division pursued an armored personnel carrier using an FPV drone. However, perhaps sensing a threat or wanting to take evasive action, the APC crew ran over an anti-tank mine. The explosion occurred moments before the collision of an armored personnel carrier with a kamikaze drone. Interestingly, another Ukrainian armored vehicle was already on fire near the scene of the incident.

Apparently, the explosion occurred in a minefield laid by the Ukrainian military themselves.

The BTR-4, also known as the Bucephalus, has experienced setbacks since its mass production began. They were rejected by the Iraqi military and refused to be purchased in Indonesia and Kazakhstan.


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