Military confrontation


Ukrainian navy, ships and NATO aircraft are trying to push the Russian navy away from Crimea - the first confrontation in the Black Sea

Ukraine and NATO tried to push Russian warships away from Crimea.

With the advent of combat, strategic and reconnaissance aircraft, as well as NATO ships in the Black Sea, Ukraine went to provocations against Russia. Thus, according to available data, despite the fact that Russia has closed the sea and airspace near the Crimean peninsula, Ukraine and NATO, taking part in the United Efforts 2020 exercise, are trying to oust Russian warships from the western and southwestern the coast of Crimea.

According to reports, the missile launches, which are provided for by the program of military maneuvers of Ukraine and NATO, should affect the waters near the Crimea, and, moreover, experts believe that this was not done by chance - very serious provocations should be expected.

“From today, the most active phase of the Ukraine-NATO exercise“ United Efforts 2020 ”begins, associated with the conduct of practical missile firing and drone flights in the northwestern part of the Black Sea, and according to the established tradition of the local places, part of fleet overlaps each other, which gives the emerging rather difficult situation additional flavor ", - the Telegram community “Operational line” reports about it.

Earlier, the news agency reported that the Russian military closed all approaches to Crimea as part of the Caucasus-2020 exercise, blocking access to the area for NATO ships.

And where is our commander, who just recently boasted to hit first if a fight is inevitable ?!

Grigory, do you personally own such technologies, equipment, in the right place and in the right quantity? Maybe we will not operate with speculation ?!

That's right, the Slavs are not allowed to live all the time. Only the Great Generals. Helped to survive with the Great People

Ships and aircraft ... sounds proud.

"because of Western humanity"?
What mythical Western humanity is being repeated all the time? For centuries, Western countries have robbed and turned into colonial slaves all who are weaker than them. Before the peoples have time to recover from one war, fine-looking Western "gentlemen" are already preparing the next. Two years after World War II, French troops undertook to conquer Vietnam again. Only the Vietnamese fought off the French, the Americans came with their aircraft carriers and bombers to establish "freedom and democracy" ...

Read history, Anatoly, if you didn't have to at school. Ushakov Fyodor Fedorovich, Russian naval commander, who did not lose a single significant naval battle, even with superior forces, to the enemy, without losing a single ship. And all this, by the way, is on the Black Sea!

I'll correct you Vyacheslav a little: are they used to winning? This is another question, well, perhaps in Hollywood action films. And we are not used to dying, because we are not sheep being slaughtered, but STAND TO DEATH, and there are many examples of this in history. This is really the difference !!!

NATO exercises took place outside Russia's territorial waters. There were no provocations from NATO, especially off the coast of Crimea.

Do not disgrace the name. Do you know Ushakov?

No one in their right mind thinks so)

They have a desire and if it were not for our victories in the past on land, at sea and in the air, they would have already attacked, or do you really think that we are not being attacked only because of Western humanity?

In response to the heinous provocation, the peaceful Soviet trawler gave a salvo and the main caliber.

Anatoly, where does such knowledge come from, and why is such confidence? And quantity does not mean quality. We do not need to capture enough to burn their equipment than we currently own, and then I think they will have paddles as a gift. And by the way, learn some history.

There is a saying - A cat scratches on its back! They will soon play war in the Lviv pools, without Odessa and access to the Black I will kill you

And what can our "Great and Mighty", which has never been famous for naval victories, oppose the NATO bloc? The loudest defeats in our country have always occurred, including at sea, and there weren't really any victories at sea. The question is, if NATO members had a desire - they would have overwhelmed our entire fleet -
or half?

My God, you are like children in a savings bank !!! what marines. They are in the movie marines. Here is russia. We will not even beat. Stop looking in their direction. They are used to winning and we are used to dying. Feel the difference !!!

Where is it? Further rhyme

Shoot down all the missiles that will be launched! And all the cases !!!

It means that the time has simply come to wean Ukraine once and for all from conducting exercises in the region of the Crimean peninsula. Otherwise it will end badly for Russia.

So these are the three that were returned to them ..

A pair of row boats

In this case, it would be correct to invite the Chinese Navy for naval exercises off the coast of Crimea in the amount of at least 1000 units! And let everyone rub their elbows!

"Ukrainian fleet" - what is this?

We must answer adequately. I love - brothers - then.

Of course - "Don't give in to provocations!" .... And when the US Marines will be somewhere in the vicinity of the Moscow region, Volgograd or Yekaterinburg, you can be puzzled with the question - HOW SO? ....

Ukrainian Navy ======= Whatoooo? Which fleet? Coast Guard boats? from rubber boats and boats of our own production that float like irons?

Why the first? Ukraine has already tried both in the Kerch Strait and next to the drilling sites, but having got it in the teeth, it modestly forgot about it ...