Ukrainian Mi-24 accidentally burned a whole field with crops with heat traps

The Ukrainian Mi-24 helicopter, carrying out the shooting of heat traps, accidentally burned an entire field of wheat.

The pilot of the Ukrainian Mi-24 helicopter carried out, without any apparent need, shooting heat traps. As a result, he set fire to a wheat field, which was never extinguished. The corresponding video footage was published on social networks.

In the presented video, you can see how the Ukrainian Mi-24 helicopter, flying at an extremely low altitude, shoots false thermal targets. However, judging by the maneuvers, this is not necessary, as the helicopter circles around the same point for a long time, probably just posing for the camera. At the same time, false heat targets that fell to the ground set fire to agricultural land. This is evidenced by strong smoke. Subsequently, this led to the strongest fire in the region.

What exactly the actions of the Ukrainian pilot were connected with is unknown, however, apparently, due to such actions on the part of the pilot, wheat reserves of several hundred tons could have been destroyed.

At the same time, experts draw attention to the fact that the Mi-24 helicopters are still in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine, although it was assumed that all combat vehicles of this type had already been destroyed.