Iskander rocket launch


Ukrainian OTRK "Thunder-2" was a brazen copy of the Russian "Iskander"

In Ukraine, the Russian OTRK Iskander was copied, giving out for innovative development.

Experts have come to the conclusion that the newest Ukrainian operational-tactical missile system "Thunder-2", the creation of which became known a day earlier, is not at all innovative weapons, but only a blatant copy of the Russian complex Iskander.

Experts pay attention to the fact that the Ukrainian PTRK “Thunder-2” almost completely repeats the design of the Russian Iskander complex, but in terms of tactical and technical characteristics it is seriously inferior to it, since it can hit targets only at distances up to 280 kilometers.

“Ukrainian designers have almost completely copied the Russian Iskander. The key features are only the chassis and the use of containers for placing missiles, but the overall concept has remained unchanged. ”, - the expert marks.

According to analysts, the Ukrainian designers could improve the rocket, achieving the ability to hit targets at distances of several hundred kilometers, while the complexes are expected to be exported to other countries.

how can it be

How could copy from Iskander if they are not in Ukraine? According to a photo or something?

Well, the Ukrainian military-industrial complex seems alive. It's kind of good, even giving out something to the mountain, but will it fly? How to fly? And who needs it? The West will not allow, Russia will not give - for themselves? Do you have money?