Ukrainian aircraft was attacked by the Turkish drone Bayraktar TB2

Turkey began to destroy and Ukrainian aircraft.

Despite the rather close relations between Ukraine and Turkey, it became known that Turkish unmanned attack aircraft Bayraktar TB2 attempted to destroy one of the Ukrainian military transport aircraft Il-76TD, chartered by the Libyan National Army for the transfer of weapons and ammunition (presumably from the UAE - Ed.).



This afternoon, conflicting data appeared that two Ukrainian military transport aircraft Il-76TD were destroyed at the Al-Jafra military airbase (according to current data, one aircraft was destroyed - editor's note), however, according to information provided by the military expert Babak Taghwe, days earlier, the Turkish drone Bayraktar TB2 attempted to destroy the Ukrainian Il-76 at Al Jafra airbase, but was shot down on approach.

Against the background of the publication of this information, analysts did not rule out that a Turkish drone could be behind the destruction of Ukrainian airplanes, however, according to initial information, it could also be an artillery strike.

It should be clarified that at the moment, representatives of the Libyan National Army have not confirmed the fact of the loss of two aircraft at the Al Jafra airbase.