Naval Forces of Ukraine Balta


Ukrainian warship blown up by a mine west of Crimea

A Ukrainian Navy ship was blown up by a mine west of Crimea.

In the western part of the Black Sea, a serious incident occurred - a military vessel of the Ukrainian Navy, while carrying out planned tasks, was blown up, according to sources, by a sea mine. As a result of the explosion, part of the crew of the warship was injured, and the ship received a serious hole and was flooded.

Information on this matter was confirmed by the People's Deputy of Ukraine Mikhail Zabrodsky. By the current hour, no comments have been received that the Naval Forces ship was blown up by a sea mine.

“According to information that has become known, in the Black Sea near the island of Serpents, the demagnetization vessel of the Ukrainian Navy U-811“ Balta ”is in distress. The emergency on board the vessel occurred about 14 hours ago. According to information from the servicemen of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the ship has lost its course and has at least two flooded compartments. During the day, attempts to use the means of the Ukrainian Navy and the Odessa seaport to save Balta did not bring the expected result. At the moment, a sea tug and patrol boats are involved in the rescue of the vessel. Tonight, to go out to sea for a rescue operation, the SRK "Simferopol" was urgently prepared, which is undergoing factory sea trials in Odessa ", - said in the statement of Zabrodsky.

Considering the serious damage sustained by the Ukrainian naval warship, the ship may well sink completely. Due to the lack of official statements from the command of the Naval Forces of Ukraine, there are a number of questions regarding how exactly the naval mine ended up in this area of ​​the Black Sea.

Apparently on the mine was the identifier "friend or foe" !!! From mudflows and the result is this - its own people are not too big !!! ...)))

Nobody died there. Themselves crashed into the pier on this very island with the Serpent, so that 2 compartments flooded.

read carefully! The SHIP is written! And the military is SHIPS. And this is probably a ship that is being served to those lying in the hospital.

a small clarification to the title, 180 kilometers west of the Crimea, almost on the border with Romania

People have died! You cannot rejoice!

all that is capable of?

A sea mine contains at least 250 kg of explosive. In an explosion, she would have torn this ship in half!))

It's very simple, the sailor took out the cork from the bath - the ship began to sink.

Mine fell from the sky! Wherever Russia is, such surprises can be considered normal.

great news made me happy

If it didn’t sink right away, it’s not a sea mine!

Thanks for the sad stuff !!! It seems to me that this is one of the 75000 mines set before the Second World War, along the coast, surfaced in the Zmeiny area.

Is this the last ship of the Ukrainian Navy? Only rubber boats are left. Petrov and Boshirov go on vacation.

apparently blown up on his hideout

Because it is small, it survived; it was simply thrown aside by a mine explosion. A large ship is heavier, it has a large inertial mass, so it would have suffered much more serious damage.

Well ? Where are NATO members Bulgarians and Gypsies ????
Soon, scuba gear will be found nearby at the bottom and Petrov will be scratched on one, and Boshirov on the other ...
The last defenders of the honor of the Russian Federation ...

Balta is a small ship, it would have sunk immediately from a mine.
they are stirring up something there ...

What good news, there would be more of these

WELL. AND .... ? When will it sink?

As you name the ship, so it will float.