Ukrainian warship tried to enter a closed area off the coast of Crimea - it was blocked by three Russian warships

A Ukrainian warship attempted to breach a closed area off the coast of Crimea.

A few hours ago it became known that two Russian warships of the Coast Guard of the Border Guard Service of the FSB of Russia and one warship of the Black Sea Fleet of Russia blocked the movement of a Ukrainian warship, which was trying to violate the previously designated closed sea zone near the coast of Crimea. An American warship also worked with the Ukrainian warship.

According to the information available to the information resource Avia.pro, the incident occurred on Saturday. It is known that the US Coast Guard ship "Hamilton" and the Ukrainian warship practiced some maneuvers, after which they headed towards the closed Russian military zone in the waters of the Black Sea. An attempt to enter the closed sea space was instantly stopped by three Russian ships, which not only warned the crew of the Ukrainian and American ships about the inadmissibility of such actions, but also began to maneuver in front of potential intruders, forcing the crew to eventually leave the area.

The Ukrainian side confirmed the fact that the ships were indeed near the coast of Crimea, but denied accusations that the maneuvers took place near a closed zone, without formally recognizing its existence.

What exactly the provocations of the Ukrainian and American warships are connected with remains unknown so far.

How can a US Coast Guard ship guard shores in another hemisphere? Is the compass broken?