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Ukrainian military helicopter audaciously violated the border of Belarus

A Ukrainian Air Force helicopter violated the state border of Belarus.

Contrary to the statements of the Belarusian authorities that the border with Ukraine has been further strengthened, a few hours ago a Ukrainian military helicopter Mi-8 audaciously violated the border of the country's airspace, deepening into the territory of the neighboring country at a distance of one kilometer. Despite the fact that the rotorcraft flew at an altitude of only 100 meters, the Belarusian border guards and military were unable to open fire to kill.

On the presented video frames, published by the State Border Committee of Belarus, you can see the moment of the invasion of the Ukrainian military helicopter into the country's airspace. Attempts to contact the crew of the rotorcraft were unsuccessful - the pilot ignored the warning and after a while left the airspace of the neighboring country on his own.

At the moment, it remains unknown what exactly caused the violation of the borders of the airspace of neighboring Belarus - there are no official comments from Kiev on this matter. Nevertheless, this incident raised a number of questions regarding the security of the borders of the airspace of Belarus in the south of the country, especially since a large number of air defense systems are deployed here, including the Russian S-400 air defense systems.

Luka once again showed that he was "very brave" only with Vova. ;)

Someone will throw the spear of fate into the "Belarusian roulette" and there is no helicopter. The pilot will be wrong to choose an unsafe altitude.

they began to arrange provocations with the aim of starting a military conflict between the Union State and those miserable remnants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who had not accidentally got into the boilers earlier. Their actions speak of the extravagant state of the entire Ukrainian state. Those 70 thousand AFU servicemen who quit over the past 7 years, it seems, were the last smart and intelligent people in this stupid army. Locals at the rank and file became cannon fodder in American ideas. And the managers, of course, will dump at the last moment on their yachts and in their mansions. There, Zelensky, like London has one, will continue to play the role of president already in exile.



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